• Thyme is a very common aromatic herb in Mediterranean cuisine.


• Due to its intense smell and characteristic flavor is used in different elaborations, and is a familiar element in stews, grills, pickles, marinades, marinades and dressings (for example, for olives), which provides, in addition to its characteristics organoleptic properties, digestive properties.


• It can be used both fresh and dry, depending on the recipe.


• In Spain it is an ingredient that is part of the Catalan "farigola" soup, and in Extremaduran cuisine is used as a meat marinade.



• It can be used as an infusion, serves as an anti-inflammatory.


• Fight various breathing problems.


• Reduces digestive problems.


• It has antiseptic and healing properties.


• Has antioxidant effects.


• Strengthens the immune system and helps fight anemia.


• Reduces premenstrual pain, is diuretic and soothing reduces anxiety

Presentations: In 1kg bags.

Packaging: Corrugated cardboard boxes.

Origin: Colombia


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