The rosemary is an aromatic plant highly appreciated in the kitchen for its pleasant smell and for the taste it brings to food, both to meats and to fish and vegetables, being a classic in some roasted ovens and stews.


It is used both fresh and dry, among the most common recipes that carry rosemary include the "Paella valenciana", many tomato sauces, the "Lamb to rosemary", "Roasted Cabrito", "Tomatoes seasoned with oil and rosemary" or " Rabbit Stew with rosemary".


This plant is also used to customize oils and vinegars.


It is used in frictions as a scalp stimulant (alopecia).

• The infusion of rosemary leaves relieves coughing and is good for the liver and for curbing intestinal spasms. It should be taken before or after meals.


• Rosemary smoke serves as a treatment for asthma.


• The rosemary calcanfore has a hypertensive effect (upthe tension) and tones the blood circulation.


• Because of its antiseptic properties, it can be applied by decoction on sores and wounds as a healer.


• It also has a slight emenagous quality.


Note: It is also an excellent indoor plant due to the pleasant aroma it gives off.

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