• Mint is an essential ingredient of English and American cuisine for the preparation of lamb leg with mint sauce. It also has a presence in the Lebanese tabule, the Cuban mojito or the Vietnamese Ph.


• It's a classic scent of chewing gum, candy and spirits like mint Julepe, and mint cream made with Mentha.


• It is used in infusions for digestive or liver disorders, when aiding digestion, as an antiemetic and stimulating, and as antispasmodic for the case of muscle aches or systemic cramps.


• Its oil has varied uses: it is applied topically in the nostrils to relieve sinusitis, in the siens for headache, in the chest or in inhalations for cough or strong colds, topically to relieve the pain caused by cavities , in compresses for insect bites or other dermal irritations.

Presentations: In 1kg bags.

Packaging: Corrugated cardboard boxes.

Origin: Colombia


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